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Best Toys for Boys for 2017

The emergence of STEM toys has opened up a whole new world of interesting, hands-on play for little ones. STEM toys focus on the principles of science, technology, engineering and math – however, they are so fascinating and fun that kids don’t even realize they are learning. With so many cool and educational toys to choose from, the tough choice isn’t what to get, it’s how to choose just one!

Check out our roundup of the best toys for boys for 2017 (but we’re sure girls will love these toys too). Lots of STEM toys have made our list!

Air Hogs Robotrax All-Terrain RC Tank with Robot Transformation

This extremely cool all-terrain tank can maneuver through sand, snow, grass, mud and gravel, and then transform into a self-balancing robot! With the capability to launch missiles from two missile bays, Robotrax will keep your little guy occupied for hours! Best for children ages eight and up.

Automoblox Mini C9-R Sportscar

This customizable sportscar is equipped with deck and chin spoilers, rear diffusers, side skirts and many other stylish features. The fully interchangeable parts are compatible with other Mini models, so the sky is the limit to build a unique new model! For ages three and up.

Teddy Ruxpin

Welcome back a loveable toy from your childhood! The new, 14-inch Teddy Ruxpin, is just as smart and cuddly as the original and enjoys telling stories and singing songs. With a free, accompanying App and touch sensors that allow children to control the stories and songs, Teddy Ruxpin is a great companion for creative minds, ages two and up.

Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse Set

This fun-filled toy encourages your little one to play out their adventures and build a Ghostbusters Firehouse, complete with Ray, Egon, Janine, Louis and the library ghost (and of course a “Ghost Containment Unit” and silicone slime blower). Recommended for ages six and up.

Mattel Mega Construx™ Pokemon™ Gyarados Buildable Figure

Build your own Gyrados, complete with an articulated body and iconic fins, fangs and spikes. Pose Gyrados in any way you would like and combine with other Pokémon construction sets to keep the fun going for hours. For ages eight and up.

Laser Pegs T-Rex 20-in-1 Building Set

This awesome dinosaur building set lets your child configure 20 different models of dinos, including favourites like the T-Rex, Brachiosaur, Spinosaur and more! With LED bricks and glow in the dark teeth, this is the ultimate construction kit 65 million years in the making! Best for children aged three and up.

Max Traxxx Tracer Racer RC Double Loop

This fast-action flexible track set with a remote-control car encourages your child to build their own race track design. The car’s undercarriage lights leave glow in the dark streaks in their wake, which means your child will have endless hours of fun while developing cognitive and gross motor skills. Best for ages 3 and up.

VTech Cars 3 Race & Trace Lightening McQueen

This interactive, educational toy helps to develop your little one’s fine motor skills with five activities that introduce writing, phonics and memory skills. Equipped with an easy to grip stylus pen, the screen detects their writing and responds with encouraging feedback from Lightning McQueen. Best for kids aged three to six.

The Chaos Tower

This awesome toy encourages children to let their imaginations soar, while building an elaborate, tower-like machine that can stand six feet tall or five feet wide and resembles the worlds biggest game of mouse trap. With each move triggered by the one before it, the path of the ball is entirely up to the child, including loop-de-loops and hair-raising turns. It’s no wonder this toy is the winner of Parent’s Choice, Teachers Choice and Toy of the Year! Best for kids ages eight and up.

Playvision Trooper Bot

Let your son try his hand at programming with this 14" tall Robot. Trooper Bot reacts to your child’s voice, makes robotic sounds and facial expressions, and can be programmed to perform 50 different actions, including shooting foam darts! For ages five and up.

Learning Resources Deluxe Science Lab

This toy is amazing for your scientist in-the-making! Best for kids ages ten and older, this set is a great supplement to school science fairs - it allows kids to complete age-appropriate science experiments and learn about methods and tools.

Snap Circuits® Jr 100 Experiments

Snap Circuits® makes learning electronics easy and fun! This cool, light up circuit toy offers different projects for kids to build, including a flying saucer, alarms, doorbells and much more. Best for ages eight and up.

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