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The EM4 Robot Kit is the perfect way to introduce your child to robotics. From its compact easy-assembly design to its variety of different models to build and rebuild, engage your child with this fun and easy-to-assemble robotic playmate.

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Build & Program a Friend


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Robots are becoming very popular over time. Not only just in the social world, but in education as well. With the vast popularity of coding toys in recent years, Robotics are moving along with coding skills hand in hand, and becoming a new and inventive way of teaching children at young ages. With the vast amount of skills they can develop from Robots, including cognitive and analytical thinking, attention to detail, problem solving, fine motor skills, dedication, patience, persistence and language, it is clear that Robot kits have lots of value in growing your child. With that, because the variety of Robotic kits are growing so rapidly, children can start with the basics, then work their way up with increasingly difficult challenges that morph and master their skills as they develop.

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