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Build Your Imagination

Inspire your children to build and let their imagination run wild with the Hape Maple Blocks! Use the variety of colours and shapes to encourage your children to build to their hearts content! Once they fall over, start all over again with something new!

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Build Your Imagination

Wooden Toys

In this day and age, with the vast rise of technology in our every day lives, it is easy to forget traditional methods of play and how influential they are. We are bringing you back to the classic and proven methods of playtime with our vast collection of Wooden play Toys. Not only are wood toys trusted as durable and will last lifetimes, but they are also timeless toys that can be reused for generations and still remain extremely current. They can teach your toddler to build a castle, and then challenge your preteen to build a railway or a city. With wooden toys as basic as they are, much is left to the imagination, which also encourages extreme growth and creativity. They are also a well-deserved break from electronic play and can bring learning back to the basic roots of play; where a child can sit down and match shapes, construct towers, add to existing projects and build upon skills already learned. Revisit the basics of learning with Wooden Toys!

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