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Discontinued Arduino Essentials Learning Kit

Discontinued Arduino Essentials Learning Kit

Ages 10 and Up
Availability: Discontinued 0 at our Burlington Location

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SKU: DISCONTINUED 2020 3155100

UPC Code: 754748002689

Shipping Weight: 3.85 lbs

Whats in the Box?

On board power regulator, CDS (photo) cell, 2-axis accelerometer, LM35 analogue temperature sensor, 4 digit, 7 segment LED display, MAX7221 shift register, IR transmitter and decoder, 8x8 LED array matrix, Stepper motor driver, Stepper motor, RGB LED, Reed switch, 1602 LCD backlit display, Arduino compatible NANO microprocessor, UNO footprint shield, Real Time Clock, Microphone, Buzzer, Rotary Encoder, Digital temp/humidity sensor, Ultrasonic distance module, 150 Jumper wires, USB cable to connect to computer, Learning reference cards, Mini-breadboard, Various LEDs with resistors (24), various: resistors (16), capacitors (7), transistors (4) and diodes (4), 4x4 membrane keypad, Micro servo, 9V battery, Soil Hygrometer (moisture sensor), NANO microprocessor (2)


A Self-Contained Kit for Learning Electronics, Microprocessors and Programming

This Arduino-based prototyping kit will enable you to learn the fundamentals of electronics and programming in an easy to use "plug and play" system that requires no soldering or previous electronics experience. Delivered pre-assembled in a protective metal carrying case that holds all of its component parts securely, the Essentials learning kit includes step-by-step start up instructions (for Windows, Mac or Linux) and 3 printed lessons: Blinking an LED, Blinking 6 LEDs, and LCD Display. Additional online instructions and programs are easily accessible as well as an online community to share, build and post questions with other enthusiasts and view video demonstrations and instructions for numerous projects. Just download the necessary Arduino software and you are ready to begin.

Learn how to read and gather data from input sensors (such as an accelerometer, CDS cell or temperature sensor), process this data and interact with various other output devices (such as LEDs, Liquid crystal displays and the serial port on your computer). When these skills are combined, the number of projects and ideas are virtually limited only my ones imagination

  • A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • An Arduino-compatible microcontroller (this kit uses Arduino NANO with ATmega328 chip)
  • USB cable to connect the NANO microprocessor to your computer for programming

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This is so easy! I bought this for my son because he was expressing an interest in tech. I bought him this because it said he didn't need to do any soldering or otherwise dangerous tasks. He has hours of fun every time!

- Reviewed by Steven on November 5, 2018

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