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Literacy and Arts

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Educators Literacy and Arts Toys

The best literacy and art toys engage all of a child’s senses, asking them to develop coordination, creativity, and communication skills. JR Toys has hand selected quality literacy and art toys that help educators across Canada meet curriculum expectations while fostering creativity and expression. These quality toys engage boys and girls so they can enjoy reading, writing, and visual arts from the moment they first explore phonics and beyond.

It’s not just about reading or the written word. With these toys, children can discover how to express themselves and their ideas through dance, painting and drawing, sculpting, music and many more important art forms. These art and literature toys will help the young minds you’re responsible for develop a sense of self, an understanding of others, and find their place in the world.

Like all toys selected for the JR Toys program, these literacy and art toys are high-quality and durable; designed to last for years.

Explore our hand-selected literacy and arts toys and classroom packs or log-in to access special pricing for educators.

Click here to read more about how literacy and arts support have a positive impact on school climates, as well as on the academic and social development of students.

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