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Monopoly Luxury Edition
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Monopoly Luxury Edition

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Ages 8 and Up


  • Product Code: 21030
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  • Shipping Dimensions: 27" x 26" x 6"
  • Shipping Weight: 17 lbs

Whats in the Box?

Monopoly game comes with 2 tone wooden cabinet with gold plated accents. Comes with recessed dice, title deed card holder, deluxe money, title deed cards, and chance and community chest cards. Also comes with a rules booklet and pawns


Experience the luxury treatment of your favourite game: Monopoly. Play this timeless game with added features like a wooden cabinet and drawer for money, gold plated pawns and accents, and more great accessories that make this board game the luxury experience.

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I remember playing this at Christmas with all of my cousins. Now that I've grown up and we're starting to have our get togethers at my house, I figured it'd be nice to keep the tradition going and get a good set of Monopoly for the house. It's definitely a high quality and I think it's going to bring back some good memories this year!

- Reviewed by Kelan on December 5, 2018

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