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Robot Toys and Your Child

Increasingly, robots are gaining a prominent role in society. Whether it is socially, technologically or educationally, we are seeing robots more and more. The toy industry is responding by providing lots of robotic toy options, and rightfully so! Toys are a fantastic way for children to learn important skills and robotic toys in particular provide children with the opportunity to harness their cognitive and analytical thinking skills, learn attention to detail, tackle complex problem solving, practice fine-motor skills, and practice the skills of dedication and persistence, which will serve them well as they grow.

There are different levels of robotics toys for children which leave room for growth and advancement. Some of our favourites are:

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin looks like any other favourite teddy bear but he’s special – he’s actually a robot! Teddy is a loveable animatronic bear. He tells stories and sings songs with an array of interactive technologies and features. Due to how realistic Teddy Ruxpin is, your child will soon see him as a friend!

Children as young as two years old can enjoy Teddy Ruxpin while gaining exposure to basic robotics from a very early life stage. This teddy bear is a timeless investment as your child will continue to enjoy his company for years to come and as they begin to learn to read.

Playvision Trooper Bot

The Playvision Trooper Bot is a great companion for your child. It reacts to voice commands from up to 20 feet away and can be programmed to perform 50 different actions. It also makes robotic sounds, facial expressions and shoots foam darts.

This easy to recharge robot will keep your child busy for hours and fascinate them as they see all the things a simple robot can do. The simplicity of voice commands make the Trooper Bot a great starting robot as children can directly speak to it without having to learn how to operate a complex remote control.

Air Hogs Robotrax

The Robotrax is a really neat robot because it transforms from an all-terrain tank to a self-balancing robot. It performs well inside and outside and can launch missiles from two different missile bays. Your child can imagine they are engaging in an important battle while using a remote control to practice coordination and control.

4M Robots

4M has several robot kits that your future engineer can build themselves, including the Tin Can Robot, Salt Water Robot, and the Solar Rover. From recycled materials to alternative energy sources, these robots are all green and support sustainable engineering and building principles, which will introduce your child to the basics of sustainability and environmentalism. And a bonus, with the solar rover no batteries are required!

Ozobot Bit Blue

Ozobot is a tiny toy robot with very big possibilities. Designed to teach kids programming, Ozobot can be played with in the physical and digital world. It’s got a optical sensors that allows your child to train it to read lines and OzoCodes (which are short colour code sequences) that your child can draw with markers and paper. Thse codes will tell the bot to slow down, speed up, spin, and maneouver through mazes and other challenges. Ideal for children six and up, your child will enjoy the challenge of coding on digital surfaces (like an iPad) or physical surfaces (like paper).

Sphero BB-8 Robot

Similar to the Sphero R2-D2, the BB-8 can be enjoyed through augmented reality on a smart device or patrolling around the living room. This droid is ready to fulfill its duties as children watch through holographic images or as they all curl up and watch their favourite Star-Wars films together. This robot is smart, tough and lots of fun. Any child will thoroughly enjoy interacting so closely with one of their favourite on-screen droids.

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge

This 229-piece DIY kit contains everything needed to give your child a complete STEM experience. Your child can take full command of this robotic arm using the hydraulics and braking systems.

Powered by water, this robotic arm does not need batteries or a motor! Assembling the hydraulic arm is just the first challenge, once assembled, your child can command six axes of various movements including gripping, wrist mobility, shoulder motion, and base rotation. Your future engineer will have lots of fun learning some of the basic scientific and engineering principles involved with hydraulics and robotic movement.

Robots are pivotal to the future of education. Help your child get ahead and develop the right skills to perform well in this rapidly changing environment. Robotic toys are so fun and captivating that your child will hardly realize they are learning critical skills for their future. Many robotics toys are more than a small robot, they’re a friend. Your child will love having someone to accompany them on their daily adventures and may even come to see them as Luke Skywalker sees his pal R2-D2.

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