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Science Toys and Your Child

Children are full of curiosity and are driven to explore and discover. Channelling this sense of discovery into science is a great way to exercise your child’s intelligence and teach them irreplaceable skills.

Science exists in many forms, from chemistry and physics to robotics and electricity. There are many ways to learn about science depending on your child’s strengths and interests. Teaching children about the world through science based educational toys and activities will help them develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Science fosters problem solving and critical thinking skills and teaches children how to overcome challenges and be creative. Many toys exist to help you foster or feed your child’s love for science. Here are some of our favourites!

Snapcircuits Jr

Snapcircuits make learning electronics fun and simple for children. With an easy-to-follow manual that is colour coded, children can easily follow the pictures and build projects such as flying saucers, alarms and doorbells.

This toy is a fantastic way for children to learn about a complex subject (one that many adults never fully understand) from a young age! No tools are required and Snapcircuits can promote socialization when they are enjoyed with friends. Your child won’t even realize they are learning while they are having so much fun!

Thames & Kosmos Perfume Science

This kit includes a complete laboratory to make perfume. What a great way to learn about chemistry without even realizing it. While this toy can appeal to anyone, it is a great way to get girls particularly interested in science.

The oils included in the kit are the same used by high-quality perfumers use and the kit comes with a detailed book that explains the biology of smell and the chemistry of scents. The bonus is when your child is finished using the kit they’ll have new perfumes to enjoy or gift to family and friends.

4M Crystal Growing Kit

This lab is an amazing toy for your little scientist or geologist. Your child can grow and observe an array of colourful crystals in the container provided. This fun and sparkling chemistry experiment includes one growing crystals set that will allow your child to make up to seven crystals (in a variety of sizes and colours). Great for ages four and up.

Happy Atoms Introductory Set

With 17 atoms, a scanning mat, manual and periodic table poster, it’s never been easier to teach your young scientist about atoms, molecules and chemistry. Your child will be able to build, scan, and identify molecules and their properties, which is the foundation of the periodic table. Plus, this set comes with a free iOS app to help your child expand their interest and learning. Best for children ten and up.

Smartlab Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Top Secret! This STEM learning kit will help your child develop the coolest, most top-secret experiments from glow in the dark alien blood to scratch and sniff stickers. With two test tubes (and lids and a stand), a beaker, mixing funnel, eyedropper, glow powder, sticker sheet and 24-page lab journal, your child has everything they need to explore their scientific curiosity and develop new and surprising scientific observations. Plus, they’ll have fun exercising their imagination while learning about the world around them.

Thames and Kosmos C1000 Kit

With everything your child needs to be a scientist (including safety glasses, chemicals and professional equipment) your child can explore chemistry using their imagination while testing their limits. From creating a mini fire extinguisher to making invisible ink, this hands-on lab set will help your child build a strong foundation in chemistry. The full-colour experiment manual will guide your child through 125 different experiments, each with its own foundational lesson. Your child will have so much fun experimenting with surface tension, air pressure, and metals that they won’t even know they’re learning important lessons about our physical and chemical world!

These are just a few examples of the many toys for children that encourage a love for science and learning. While some of these toys are designed specifically for educational purposes, they’re all fun and will be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. Show your child that learning and science are fun! Browse through our science toys today to find a toy that will foster their unique interests.

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