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Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit
Cognitive Skills

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Ages 8 and Up
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What's in the Box?

4 Petri Dishes, Magnifier and 4 Cotton Swabs, Gelatin (2oz.), Sugar (1oz.) and Baking Yeast (0.25oz.), Red and Green Food Coloring (0.2oz. each), Rubber Balloon and Plastic Zipper-Lock Bag, Activity Guide


Get ready to unlock the secrets of the grossest science imaginable! Watch your child as they educate themselves with gross experiments that teach them what grows on their body, the weird facts about teeth, and explanations behind our unmentionable, smelly bodily functions, and more! Discover the answers to everyday questions like "Why do my feet smell?" and "Do creatures live on my skin?" With all of the weird, nasty experiments you can complete, your child will be grossed out and excited all at the same time!

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Why do my feet smell?? LOL

- Reviewed by Ryan W on November 9, 2018

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