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Toys for 12 Year Olds and Up

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Age 12 and Up

Age 12

Your 12 year old is now becoming a pre-teen. And with this comes many things, such as the need to be more responsible, the need for more security as your child ages, and some physical growth developments that may be different than their past years. Your child may feel more tired as they grow at this stage of life, and therefore physical activity can wane. However keeping them interested and supporting them with past time physical hobbies will support them through this time. Telescopes and games that can be played outside can encourage your child to get some fresh air, and show them the wonders of life beyond their backyard. Cognitive and language skills have been reinforced so well, that your child will now develop talents and will want to show them off. Whether they showcase their favourite songs on a musical instrument, or their newest robotic creation, support your child and enjoy how much they’ve grown.

At JR Toy Company, you can shop our most popular and top toys and gift ideas for children ages 12 and older. Always ensure to follow the label as adult supervision may be required.

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