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The Brew Your Own Root Beer Kit
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The Brew Your Own Root Beer Kit

Ages 8 and Up
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Make 2 Gallons of Delicious Old Fashion Root Beer Naturally Carbonated with Real Yeast

There is absolutely nothing like a refreshing gulp of home-brewed root beer. This easy to use kit lets you brew up a goodly batch you're sure to enjoy. Makes a great project or a perfect birthday gift.

Includes: 2 oz. root beer extract, special brewing yeast, funnel, project guide, blank labels, storage container.

Required but not included: two 2-liter plastic soda bottles with screw caps or four 1-liter plastic soda bottles with bottle caps, 2 cups of sugar, a pot large enough to hold a gallon.

Everyone loves a cold, frosty mug of root beer, and let's not forget the root beer float! But where did this historic drink come from?

Root Beer History

  • According to historical documents, Shakespeare drank something called "small beers." This brew was actually made from an early colonial American recipe and it contained 2 to 12 percent alcohol and was considered a "light, social drink."
  • During American Colonial times, root beer was introduced along with Birch Beer, Sarsparilla Beer, and Ginger Beer. Only root beer would reign as a longtime favorite.

Medicinal History

  • Most historians say that an actual root beer recipe happened by pure accident, by an eager pharmacist looking for a miricle drug. Even though people were drinking an herbal home brewed variety of root beer for years, it was mostly an experiment for the creative and inventive.
  • In 1870, a pharmacist came up with a recipe for root beer consisting of juniper, wintergreen, spikenard, pipsissewa, sarsaparilla, vanilla beans, hops, dog grass, birch bark and licorice. The drink was very medicinal and tasted both bitter and sweet.
  • It was offered to the public as a cure-all, however, it was never widely marketed or well-received.
  • No matter what root beer history story you believe, root beer is an original brew that predates colas and other sodas. Brew your own, and relive its historical origins today!

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Great activity. My son and I had a blast making this!

- Reviewed by Katie on November 6, 2018

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