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Xtronaut Space Exploration Program Game
Cognitive Skills

Xtronaut Space Exploration Program Game

Ages 7 and Up
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Whats in the Box?

Includes 29 mission cards, 108 playing cards, game pieces, player boards and instructions


Blast off into tons of fun with this Modern Space Race Competition board game!

Capture the real-world thrill of authentic space exploration with the Xtronaut board game. Based on real planetary missions and rocket science, you’ll experience the challenge and strategies actually utilized in planning modern space missions! Designed by Dr. Dante Lauretta, the leader of NASA's forthcoming OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission.

Do you have what it takes to put together a space mission and race through the solar system? Identify your mission target and put together the right combination of rocket parts and spacecraft to achieve mission success. Watch out for other players as they confound your attempts to launch your mission by forcing you to wait out a government shutdown, swipe your hardware due to higher national priority, or cancel your mission for their own benefit. Don’t worry – you will recover by receiving surplus funds, using extra parts, or even forging a mutually beneficial collaboration with another player.

Each player selects a Mission Card from the deck. This card determines the player's mission – the mission destination, type of spacecraft needed, the amount of Delta-V needed to achieve the mission, the potential to obtain gravity assists, and the points earned for completing the mission. Delta-V stands for change in velocity, and as applied to space missions and this game, it means the change in velocity necessary for a spacecraft to complete a selected mission. Delta-V comes from rocket engines and solid rocket boosters, as well as by flying past certain planets and obtaining a boost, known as a Gravity Assist.

Game play is straightforward. On their turn each player draws a playing card, plays an Action Card, and places a component on their game board. The Action Cards add real-life issues to the game that space missions often encounter - project cancellations, audits, government shutdowns, and other exciting twists and turns.

To complete a mission you must populate your game board with the right combination of cards for mission success. Once the mission is complete, the player earns the points for the mission, which varies based on the size of the spacecraft and the target, and starts work on their next mission. The first player to score 10 points wins!

Designed by a Professor at the University of Arizona and leader of the NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission, the game captures the various challenges and fun of planning a space mission and combines real rocket science with mission planning, strategy, politics, and interactive play.

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