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Create your own video games with Bloxels from Mattel! Watch, create, publish and play your video game as you animate your spaces, characters and objects. Download the free app and digitize your game and make them playable! Simply use the board and piece together your game, then test it easily on the app.

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Coding & Programming

Coding is the language of the future, and shapes the technology we use in everyday life. Whether it ‘s software on a computer, social media, or phone apps, all of these platforms are made with code. What better way to encourage your child’s development than with a coding toy, that teaches them the building blocks of the communication they need to develop their skills and understanding for the future. With the prevalence of code in the industry, toy companies are now making products that start children off in entry levels with simple and basic toys, then building upon those skills with more challenges. Whether its building a characters path from start to finish by placing toy blocks in a patterned sequence, or by getting a mouse to its prized cheese by selecting a set of arrow directions one by one, engaging your child in coding activities early will ensure they have life skills that will be relevant as the grow.

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