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Toys for 4 Year Olds

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Toys for 4 Year Old Children

Age 4

When your boy or girl turns 4 years old, their learning abilities will start to greatly increase. Introducing your son or daughter to interactive and educational toys - such as coding kits, phonics boards, or science kits - will teach them necessary math and verbal skills to continue to engage their development. At this stage, if you choose auditory learning toys, ensure they provide positive reinforcement for wrong answers, to encourage them to continue until they press the correct sequence. At 4 years old, children can now begin to imagine they are someone else, like their favourite pilot, police officer, or teacher. Continue to use various levels of costume sets and pretend-and-play toys to engage their imagination. As well, action figures for 4 year old boys and Barbie dolls for 4 year old girls become more popular. In the arts and crafts realm, putty’s and toddler art sets make the perfect toy or gift for 4 year olds, and can encourage them to develop their creative side.

At JR Toy Company, you can shop our selection of great educational toys and top gift ideas for 4 year old boys, 4 year old girls or older children. Always ensure to follow the label as adult supervision may be required.

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