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Toys for 2 Year Olds

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Toys for 2 Year Old Children

Toys to Buy or Gift to 2 Year Old Boys or 2 Year Old Girls

Two year old children grow rapidly. Physical development is key, as your 2 year old son or daughter jump from small heights, climb, roll, hang by their arms, and engage in rough-and-tumble play. At this age they excel in hand and finger control, and like to play with small objects. To nurture your two year old boy or girl at this age, engage them with toys that require problem solving, such as wooden toy puzzles (with 12 pieces maximum), blocks that snap together, or sorting objects (to help them learn about size, shape and colour). You can continue to encourage your two year old child to build and pretend with smaller and sturdier block sets, transportation toys, costume puppets, or with toys for in the sand or water. Alternatively, you can develop your two year old boy or girls' creative side with washable markers and crayons, paintbrushes, paper pads and construction paper, two year old toddler-friendly scissors, chalk and musical instruments. You can also enhance your two year old boy or girls' muscle development with things like tunnels, soft climbers, and pounding or hammering toys.

At JR Toy Company, you can shop our selection of great educational toys and most popular gift ideas for 2 year old boys, 2 year old girls or older toddlers. Always ensure to follow the label as adult supervision may be required.

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