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Brain Teasers

When developing, your child needs challenge. That is part of their growing process. Puzzles are a great way to provide that type of opportunity. Specifically, puzzles allow a child to understand, reason, and manipulate with the world around them, and so working with their environment engages them cognitively. Whether its a simple puzzle of their new favourite tv show, or a toy that encourages them to solve a maze to get a marble through to the end, the different cognitive challenges your little one discovers from puzzles will provide them with never-ending learning and problem-solving. Not only that, but puzzles also develop a child physically, with hand-eye coordination, fine motor (small muscle) skills and gross motor (large muscle) skills. Finally, with simple activities like colour/shape matching, or remembering simple sequences, your child can develop shape recognition, memory and understand how to set and fulfill small goals to allow them to reach the end of their activity. Engage your child in a puzzle and let the learning begin.

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