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Create the Impossible!

You won't believe your eyes! Learn to complete basic to more advanced magic tricks, including rope tricks, coin tricks, dice tricks, card tricks, tricks with mirror glass and more! Become a grand magician and master the art of illusion!

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Create the Impossible!

Magic Kits

Like board games and cooperative play, Magic Kits are a great way to increase your child’s confidence and social skills, as well as develop them both individually and cognitively. There are many things your young one can discover from learning to understand magic, including the individual skills needed to complete tricks, the presentation skills needed to pull off each act, the charm and emotional skills needed to keep the audience entertained, as well as problem solving skills that challenge them to raise the excitement with each magic show they do. Combined with challenging them both creatively and imaginatively, and allowing them to have fun while they do it, Magic Kits are the perfect choice for a child who wants to have fun while they learn.

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