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Toys for 11 Year Olds

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Age 11 and Up

Age 11

With the beginning of adolescence starting at age 11, your child will physically grow at a faster rate than at any time in life except infancy. In preparation for this, after school activities and the outdoor play that they have engaged in during previous years is best to continue. They will begin a new level of skilled play that will follow them into their teen years. In terms of cognitive and language skills, the amount of development provided earlier in life will now ensure that your child branches out in applying their years of skills, rather than just learning from them. With enhanced problem solving, they can engage with more complex construction or robotics toys, and not only build predetermined models but also take them apart and create their own. With their social circle becoming increasingly important as they grow, these types of toys can develop them with their friends as well.

At JR Toy Company, you can shop our most popular and top toys and gift ideas for children ages 11 and older. Always ensure to follow the label as adult supervision may be required.

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