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Contributing to Cancer Research

We at JR Toy Company feel that the power and growth of children through play and exploration is key to a successful and empowering childhood. We have partnered with Childhood Cancer Canada to provide a voice to the many children out there who have had their lives forever changed by cancer. By supporting childhood cancer awareness, research, and initiatives to comfort and provide for those affected, we hope to not only enhance the lives of children as they grow, but also empower them as they move through tough and difficult times.

Together with Childhood Cancer Canada, we’ve worked to create a donation program with multiple facets to allow customers to give monetary gifts to support families.

Your Donation Makes a Difference!

How We Are Making A Difference

The first part of our partnership allows anyone to gift a select amount of money to the initiative, without any purchase required. You may choose from any pre-determined amount, starting at $10 and moving up to $250, or can provide your own donation amount.

This donation form is located at the bottom of this page!

The second part is our round-up at checkout program, which allows our customers to round up their order to the nearest dollar to donate the difference to childhood cancer research initiatives.

Just select “round up my order” at checkout to show your support!

Tobias - A Super Hero To So Many At Such A Young Age

Meet Tobias: A Super Hero To So Many At Such A Young Age

Tobias, a heroic boy from Saskatoon, is known for being affectionate and always expressing his love to everyone, especially his parents. He enjoys cuddles, playing with dinosaurs, dancing, and story time. He was even excited about swimming and playing with his friends. Unfortunately, all of this changed when he experienced a recurring fever.

When Tobias was two years old, he developed a fever that lasted for two weeks. Initially, it was assumed to be caused by teething, but soon after, a small lesion appeared on his face, followed by another one on his nostril. This led his parents, Avah and Anthony, to suspect chickenpox. They took him to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Avah recalls, "We took him to the ER, and they did a viral swab, which came back negative. We were sent home to observe him and told to return if more symptoms appeared or if the fever persisted for another 48 hours."

However, Tobias' fever continued, and further blood work revealed that his hemoglobin was 50, and his neutrophils were close to zero. He was admitted to the hospital, and to their disbelief, Avah and Anthony were told that their two-year-old son's laboratory results indicated blood cancer. "On March 11, 2023, our world collapsed," remembers his parents. "Tobias was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia."

Tobias' treatments began immediately, and his parents did their best to keep his spirits high. "Every time Tobias had to undergo a lumbar puncture, it was hard to keep him settled and contained in the room to finish his IV chemotherapy," says Avah. "The anesthesia made him grumpy, but his strength made him our superhero. Even though he should have been playing with his friends, his dinosaur collection, and enjoying some of his favourite foods like avocado, bananas, fried rice, and squid."

Currently, Tobias is on a maintenance program, attending the clinic every ten days for chemotherapy and receiving intravenous Vincristine and Methotrexate. He also takes Septra Prophylaxis every weekend to prevent infection, along with Ondansetron to help with nausea and vomiting. This challenging protocol is difficult for his parents to witness as their son battles the disease. However, they are grateful for the continued support from family and friends and are managing this terrible challenge.

"We are so thankful for family and friends," says Avah. "From receiving food to help in the hospital and the support we receive from our community to help pay the piling bills. We are thankful for all the people praying for Tobias' healing and recovery."

Despite facing so much at a young age, Tobias continues to be everyone's sweet and loving superhero, expressing his love to everyone, especially his parents. This is just one of the wonderful traits he is known for.

About Childhood Cancer Canada

Founded in 1987 by Edwina Eddy after losing her 17 year old son Bryan to cancer, Childhood Cancer Canada is Canada's leading national foundation dedicated to funding national research, while delivering support and programming for families affected by childhood cancer.

With your donation, Childhood Cancer Canada supports families across the country who have been impacted by childhood cancer with programs that include: Empower Packs, provided to children newly diagnosed with cancer; the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, for Canadian childhood cancer families who have been financially impacted by the pandemic; Survivor Scholarships, for childhood cancer survivors with post-secondary academic aspirations; and the Benevolent Fund, that provides financial assistance to help families with the costs of their child's funeral. The Foundation is also the primary charitable funding partner of clinical trials and childhood cancer research for C17 Council, comprised of Canada’s leading pediatric oncologists and hematologists.

Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks for Your Support! Thanks for Your Support!

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