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JR's Favourites

JR’s favourite toys are ones we know will give parents exceptional value and provide children with fantastic experiences. We buy and test toys all the time, but the ones that make it to this list have really impressed us, meeting our high expectations for quality.

First, a JR favourite toy is durable, because no one wants to see a child cry after their best-loved toy has broken. Of course, the toys on this list are educational. Engaging young minds isn’t just a side effect of play—it’s what childhood is all about.

Our last criteria for toys on this list is staying power. When you buy a gift for a child, you don’t want to be investing in a fad that your child will be bored of in a few weeks or months. Instead, these toys will take your child on an adventure day after day. They’ll be the staples of your child’s backpack. These beloved toys are the ones your child will insist you keep for them while they go off to college. These toys may even be passed down in years to come to a new generation!

We think these toys are great, and we’re not alone. This collection is chosen from among the best sellers at JR’s Toys and across the country. You can be confident a JR Favourite will be a birthday hit, or a top pick for under the Christmas tree.


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